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Chita Car Rental Company, a Transportation and Logistics Company was officially established at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and according to the established system of companies, it was able to form a huge fleet of all types and categories of cars to try to meet all customers demands.


Different Types Of Cars and Insurance

The company is proud to have a distinguished fleet of cars with the latest models. Furthermore, one of the most important advantages offered by the company is to provide alternative cars in case of breakdowns and accidents.

Logistics and Transport Services

The company provides a huge fleet of trucks and trailers that are operated regularly to serve the interest of customers and to transport goods, furniture, tools, light and heavey equipments and food baskets to affected areas.

Professional Drivers and Maintenance

The company has a highly trained, skilled drivers to ensure customer satisfaction and to apply the highest standards of security and safety. Moreover, the company has contracted with specialized agencies to maintain all the company's cars.


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